Juvenile Alcohol and Drug Education

The Juvenile Alcohol and Drug Education (JADE) is a wonderful assessment tool for parents/guardians who suspect that their child may be using drugs or alcohol. JADE provides drug and alcohol education and intervention for adolescents and their parents through innovative techniques and reality-based strategies that are based on the 12 step philosophy. Participants commonly range from first time users to adolescents with more advanced addiction problems. Participants are educated about the effects of substance abuse, interact in a group process with CYS counselors, and witness powerful presentations given by people whose lives have been impacted by drugs and alcohol. Parents/guardians receive education regarding current drug trends, symptoms of drug and alcohol abuse, and teen parenting tips.  Each part of the program is supervised and facilitated by experienced professionals in the drug and alcohol field.  Every participant is evaluated and  interactively involved through the progression of the program to determine the extent of their drug/alcohol experience and whether a substance abuse problem has or has potential to develop. At the conclusion of the course, each participant and their parents/guardians receive resources, strategies, and information to help them improve and change their lifestyles.

Before we went to JADE we did not know the extent of our daughter’s drug use. The counselors at JADE were able to discern what was really going on with our child and, based on those facts, made helpful recommendations for our family.
— JADE Parent

JADE Program Structure

  • Two Class Sessions from 5:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
  • For minors 12-17
  • Required Homework
  • Drug Test 
  • One Hour follow-up interview
  • Offered in 2 locations
  • Parent/Guardian attendance is mandatory

* Spanish translation available 

Participation does not  require a police department and/or school district referral. Parent referrals are welcome and concerned parents/guardians are encouraged to contact us directly or submit an enrollment form.