We Will Never Forget You

             SUTTON CALVIN ROLEY           October 2, 1992 - February 18, 2016


       October 2, 1992 - February 18, 2016


Sutton Calvin Roley


"Sutton had a great sense of humor and loved being social!  He always took a little extra time with people to greet them, something that is rare in today’s world.  His community will remember him for his gentle ways, smiling face, and for being polite and mannerly even at a young age."


Joey Edward Campbell

Joey Campbell

Joey Campbell is missed greatly because of his great heart and love for his family and friends...he touched our lives with his incredible smile and sincerity. Joey developed a love for surfing and snowboarding throughout his life, but always enjoyed basketball more than anything else. It was the game of basketball that allowed him to become a leader and a friend to his teammates. 

The 3 on 3 for Joey Basketball Tournament will raise funds as a tribute to Joey's life and a source of benefit to others. There are few tragedies more difficult to reckon with than the loss of one's child. It is the hope of the Campbell family that Joey's Fund will be a resource for helping others through the complex and difficult aftermath of such a devastating loss. The Campbell family and California Youth Services (CYS)  are grateful for your commitment to honoring Joey in this way. All donations will be made available to families in the community  going through a  crisis is made possible by the Joseph Edward Campbell Benevolent Fund at CYS. 

Joey would be touched with great emotion to know that he has inspired all of us to put this tournament on in his honor.

For more information visit www.3on3forjoey.org